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EtherLoop™ Business Broadband

The age of T1 is over—enter EtherLoop™. EtherLoop™ is symmetric, managed, high-reliability business broadband—with 3 to 28 times the speed of a T1. EtherLoop™ is available even in buildings that do not have fiber-optics. Our full range of PerfectFone™ telephone services can also operate on top of EtherLoop™.

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symmetric Broadband
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What does faster broadband mean to your business?

Faster broadband accelerates:

  • large file transfer
  • large email attachments
  • Multi-site VPN
  • Offsite backup service

Engineering, architecture, legal, medical, and numerous other industries will benefit from the increased productivity that faster broadband provides - if your people are waiting on data to transfer, they aren't being productive.

So how do you get faster, business-class broadband?

EtherLoop™ is True Business Broadband - broadband service built with the needs of businesses in mind.

EtherLoop™/G provides speeds from 3mbps up to 45mbps, in 5mbps increments. It doesn’t matter if your office building is served by fiber or not—EtherLoop™ is available in any building within our large service area. EtherLoop™ 3mbps service is available for roughly the same cost as a traditional “T1”—but with over twice the speed, EtherLoop™ relegates T1 to the past.

EtherLoop™/T service, built with traditional T1s, has the same benefits and characteristics, with speeds ranging from 1.5mbps to 12mbps. EtherLoop™/T is available throughout the Denver Metro area, and integrates seamlessly with EtherLoop™/G, so we can provide the broadband and site-to-site connections your business needs regardless of its location.

Unlike DSL or Cable which are built for residential applications and focused only on downloading data, EtherLoop™ provides the same transfer speeds in both directions—down and up. EtherLoop™ also provides true QoS to enable quality VoIP and other mission-critical applications.

Built on’s state-of-the-art fiber-optic gigabit Ethernet backbone network, EtherLoop™ supports the following business-class applications:

High-speed Internet Access

  • Symmetric, T1-quality, business-class Broadband


  • EtherLoop™ guarantees QoS (Quality of Service) for Voice-over-IP applications.

TLS - Transparent LAN Service

  • Connect multiple sites together without expensive and hard to manage "VPN" systems


Large File Transfer

High-volume web-site hosting

EtherLoop™ in depth:

Fiber or copper?:

While fiber is truly the way of the future, today only 10% of US businesses have access to fiber networks. It doesn't matter how good fiber is if you can't get it. EtherLoop™ runs over standard telephone wires, using the latest version of the technology (HDSL) that is used worldwide to deliver T1 lines. But each EtherLoop™ runs at 5.7mbps - almost 4 times faster than a T1.


Advanced "loop bonding" seamlessly combines the capacity of up to 8 wires together, providing speeds up to a staggering 45mbps symmetric.


We provision more loop than needed to provide the speed you want - giving you redundancy in the event of a loop failure. No other copper-based broadband technology offers this.

What about wireless?:

Wi-Fi and similar technologies cannot provide Quality-of-Service necessary for voice, and they are also lacking in overall reliability. EtherLoop™ provides higher reliability than T1, since EtherLoop™ is proactively monitored and managed.

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  • 2003 begins network service area expansion 

  • 2004 begins network service area expansion 

  • 2005 begins network service area expansion 

  • 2006 begins network service area expansion 

  • 2007 begins network service area expansion 

  • 2008 launches wholesale EtherLoop™ for business VoIP providers 

  • 2008 est. partnership with Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver 

  • 2009 launches PerfectPBX™, advanced business VoIP PBX system 

  • 2009 acquires ISP customers of Axess Communications