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PerfectPBX™ Hosted VoIP

PerfectPBX™ is a complete, full-featured business VoIP telephone system. It provides all the capabilities of high-end business phone systems for a fraction of the price. Since PerfectPBX™ is a hosted service, you never need to worry about "that box in the closet" going down. PerfectPBX™ can run on top of any broadband service—DSL, T1, or Ethernet.

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up to 100 phones
from $20.00/mo per line


PerfectPBX™ — Full-Featured VoIP Business Telephone System

PerfectPBX™ is a complete, full-featured VoIP business telephone system. It provides all the capabilities of high-end business phone systems for a fraction of the price. Gone are the days of being locked-in to a telephone system brand and vendor. PerfectPBX™ is built entirely on open standards allowing the use of dozens of brands of VoIP telephone handsets. There is also a thriving third-party development community constantly creating new features and applications for the system.

Quality of Service

Unlike our competition, PerfectPBX™ delivers 100% landline quality telephone service — guaranteed. When delivered over broadband service


We sell Cisco 7940, 7960 and Polycom IP 450 and IP 550 phones as these are the best-of-class business VoIP telephone sets. However dozens of brands are available on the market and PerfectPBX™ works with almost all of them. Choose the right phone for you.


Our competition charges a monthly fee for every phone handset you have. However, you may have low usage such that even if you have 20 phones you may need only 5 phone calls at a time. The PerfectPBX™ package can be tailored to your exact needs, so you are not overpaying. PerfectPBX™ can save your business $100’s or $1000’s per month over our VoIP competition.


Hundreds of telephone features are available—auto-attendant, ACD, queues, voice mail, find-me / follow-me, voice mail/email integration, all tied together with simple web-based management. And like every other service, we never nickel-and-dime you. All features are included for the same price.


PerfectPBX™ can be delivered over broadband access technology—DSL, T1, or EtherLoop™/Ethernet. If you have multiple branch offices, tie them together seamlessly with one phone system across any number of locations, even if some of them are in other states or around the world.


All phone handset sales are backed by a lifetime warranty. All equipment and services are completely remote-manageable, for the fastest support by our experienced technicians.



We host the PBX brain in our data center. It will be professionally managed and maintained, so you don’t have to. Use all our advanced phone system features without paying big money for a phone system. Perfect for small offices, home offices, telecommuters.

PerfectPBX™ is the last business phone system you will ever need to buy. For more information, contact Sales via phone at 303-815-1000 option 2, or Email at

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